Art Installation Day

Art Installation Day

It is an honor to have your art collected. A very personal experience for both me and my art collectors.

I love to be on site when my paintings are delivered and installed. I am pretty particular and I love meeting and getting to know my art collectors.

Ace, Darkhorse #10 has a new beautiful home with a new art collector, Aimee in her Texas home. She connected with Ace and another one of my Darkhorse paintings along with the Amur Leopard and The Fox.  

It is important for me to share the stories behind my paintings and the inspiration. Art is emotional and there is always a story behind each one of my paintings.

My Darkhorse Collection is very special and unique. Read the story on my website about  the inspiration. I donate a portion of the sales from each painting to help support the which is a retreat for all of our veterans.

Pictured In Order: Aimee, Me, my husband, James and the fabulous interior design team from DW Design Group, Nick and Dennis along with Ace.