What Inspired Debra To Become An Artist

At a young age, I started drawing and painting. I won my first art award for an abstract acrylic on paper painting when I was five years old. I was always creating some form of art. I painted numerous murals for my high school and participated in any and all art events throughout my school years. I attended Kent State University and studied Fine Art. Even though I majored in fine arts in college, I am a self taught artist using many of the skills I  learned & developed throughout the years. Art was something I felt I was born with and it will always be an important part of my life.

Where Did Debra Grow Up

I was born in Akron, Ohio. I grew up with an artistic mother who encouraged me to be an artist. She also encouraged me to explore and appreciate nature. Almost every weekend during Summer breaks my mother would pack up the station wagon with my sister, brother, me, our dog and any neighborhood kid willing to tag along to go hiking. We would hike the national parks located close to my family home in Stow, Ohio. 

Where Does Debra Get Her Inspiration For Her Paintings

My inspiration comes from nature and the relationships we have with it and my life. I am an environmentalist, eco artist and humanitarian. I rely on my experiences in life and images in nature to guide me. I use photographs for references when working on representational paintings. My atmospheric and abstract paintings are created purely from intuition.

Original Paintings

There is nothing as great as collecting original art. It holds the soul to the painting. Art is a form of love and giving people the ability to buy original art that evokes emotion is very important to me.

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Debra retains the copyrights to her paintings except for commissioned paintings.