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Debra Ferrari Fine Art

Original Paintings

Debra is working everyday in her studio on new paintings. She currently has an exhibition of new paintings, Running To Stand Still Series at Ferrari Gallery in Dallas, Texas. These paintings were created to connect you to nature.


Debra is accepting commissions on large canvas works. Custom dimensions are welcome.  A 50 % deposit is required on all commissioned paintings, the balance is not due until the commissioned is completed. Art is personal and subjective for both parties, so in the event that a commissioned artwork is not claimed it will be released to the open market and or galleries. Clients will suggest a subject, palette preferences and size. Debra does not accept all palettes or subjects but takes in consideration what you have in mind for a commissioned painting. The final artwork will be determined by Debra. If you would like to commission Debra please contact her at


Debra is currently working with a publisher to offer prints of all of her paintings except for her Atmospheric paintings. Prints will arrive ready to hang and will be available in a variety of sizes. Be sure to check back or follow Debra on her Instagram page for the print release date.

What Inspired Debra To Become An Artist

From a young age Debra was drawing. She was obsessed with black and white images until high school. Today, she still has a thing for black and white photography and paintings. She was praised by her teachers, classmates and family for her art. She won her first art award when she was 5 years old for an abstract finger painting on paper. Since elementary school and throughout high school, Debra was creating drawings and paintings for her schools and private collections. She attended Kent State University and majored in Fine Art. Even though she studied art in college she is a self taught artist.

Where Did Debra Grow Up

Debra was born in 1965 in Akron, Ohio. She grew up with an artistic mother who encouraged her and her siblings to work with their hands sewing, drawing, basket weaving, clay etc... Debra's mother had the ability to create and sew anything that she saw, even making her own patterns. Her mother also encouraged the family to explore nature. Almost every weekend, Debra along with her siblings, the family dog and neighborhood kids would pile into their big brown Dodge station wagon and visit national parks located close to their family home in Stow, Ohio. 

Where Does Debra Get Her Inspiration For Her Paintings

Debra is inspired by nature and the relationships we have with it. She is an environmentalist, humanitarian and even a pilot. She relies on her photography for references when working on representational paintings. Her Atmospheres & Abstract paintings are created purely from  intuition. Debra currently is focusing 2019 as the year to capture as much nature as possible and also paintings that will empower women. Events and experiences in Debra's life this year have greatly influenced her art.

Darkhorse Series of Paintings

The Darkhorse Series was inspired by the brave Marines of the 3/5. 

One of Debra's dear friends, a Blue Star Marine Mother e-mailed a NPR story to her in 2013,

"An Afghan Hell On Earth For The Darkhorse Marines" by Tom Bowman (Oct. 2013) about the sacrifices and bravery that the 3rd 5th Marine unit suffered in Afghanistan in 2010- 2011. Debra was deeply touched by this story and inspired to create a painting as a tribute to them titled 3rd 5th Battalion Darkhorse #1. The 3/5 received their nickname from the radio call sign that originated from one of it's commanders, Col Robert Taplett from the Korean War. It remains their call sign today to pay homage to the Marines bravery in Korea. As a way to raise money to help support combat veterans, Debra is painting 25 original paintings to honor the 25 Marines who lost their lives in Afghanistan and the 200 that were wounded. As of 2018, She has completed 12 original Darkhorse paintings. She donates a portion of the sales of the original paintings and prints to help support the Darkhorse Lodge in TN, a retreat for combat veterans. In 2018, Ferrari Gallery hosted the first public exhibition of this series to collectors, veterans and supporters. The gallery is planning another exhibition and benefit for 2019. Stay tuned for the date.

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